The first «McDonalds» opened in Arkhangelsk on the background of Russian sanctions against foreign companies

In Arkhangelsk, a new shopping and entertainment complex «Europark» officially opened the first restaurant in Arkhangelsk «McDonald’s».

As previously reported, in numerous media reports in mid-August, the Federal Office Rospotrebnadzora revealed numerous violations of the sanitary legislation in several Moscow restaurants that network. Currently, records of preparing to transfer to the courts in the manner prescribed by law.

Verification of facilities in this catering will continue. This situation has not yet touched the «McDonalds» opened this week in Arkhangelsk. Regionally Rospotrebnadzor assured that the checks will be carried out only when a visitor complaints.

Of course, that in the context of reciprocal sanctions between Russia, the United States and Europe, such complaints do not have to wait long.

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